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utorok 13. novembra 2012

This is how I painted one of my Garden series painting. Unfortunatelly, I have only this kind of photos, I forgot to take proper photo, when I finished and this Garden is on sale now in Vienna, Austria. So let´s have a look how I create some of my paintings. 

1. Colours flow and I paint totally by actual imagination. No big planning, just playing on wet surface. 

2. I have to wait until some parts are dry and I put other layers. Notice how I work with yellows on wet blues. This is one of my favourite combinations, reminds of stairy shiny sky,

3. Adding more colours - greens remind garden. The shades are done in my favourite Payne´s Grey.

4. More yellows, and green, all on wet paper.

5. More greens, yellow and turquoise. This painting gets definitelly garden look.

6. All done, I left it to dry. Unfortunatelly I did not take a proper photo of it and it is on sale in Vienna. I hope it will find someone happy to buy it. 

In case of any technical questions, feel free to ask at www.zzen.deviantart.com, where I have profile and gallery. I will be happy to answer. Zuzana.

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